Yucan Coaching Academy

Yucan is an International Coaching Academy specialised in training executives in Professional Corporate, Business&Startup as well as Team&group sectors via videoconference.
The training courses are held in English, Spanish and Italian and are developed in three levels – Diploma, Professional and Advanced,  offering a highly effective, applicable, adaptable and complete training program.

Founded in 2013, our Academy is in continuous evolution and constantly ahead of time also thanks to our incredibly international partnerships worldwide.


Lean Enterprise Machine

Lean Enterprise Machine is a worldwide network of Open Innovation experts founded in 2014 by Trevor Owens, former founder of Lean Startup Machine and author of Best Seller “The Lean Enterprise” (translated in 2017 in Chinese and now “# 1 business book” in China).

LEM assists companies to design and implement their Open Innovation strategy, based on direct experience with main global multinationals.

LEM Italia organizes inter-company workshops for managers since 2017.

www.leanenterprisemachine.org / www.leanenterprisemachine.com

European Coaching & NLP Program

The “European Coaching & NLP Program” is the only professional Coaching and NLP course in Europe with 170 hours of classroom work withholding the international double certification of the International Coach Federation – ICF ACTP , the international NLP certificate of the International NLP Trainers Association – INLPTA, as well as the certification of the Italian Association of Professional Coaches. The course is aimed at those who thrive to become professional coaches, as well as professionals who want to obtain these important certifications. It is dedicated to the business world, to managers and organizations leaders, for the integration of Coaching and NLP in order to achieve numerous goals in their professional or personal field.


The Team

Mauro Beretta

CEO & Founder Yucan Coaching Academy – Master Trainer & Coach – Business Angel

Born in Milan in 1965, I graduated from the University of Pavia in 1990 with a degree in Economics and decided to enhance my academic studies with a PhD in Economic Sociology. In 1996 I was offered the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge in Change-Management and Strategy Design projects first in Deloitte and then in KPMG as Senior Manager. In 2005 I was appointed Vice-President of the “Customer & Employee Relationship Management” in Alitalia. Thanks to my aforementioned work experience, in 2012 I founded Yucan Coaching Academy, a Center dedicated to the development of Innovation and Creativity in every human sphere. I am an ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Coach and work primarily with entrepreneurs, startups and companies in supporting them toward the achievement of their goals.

Trevor Owens

CEO & Founder Javelin.com

Trevor is an entrepreneur and an author. He’s the Founder of Javelin.com, an “All-in-one Lean Startup and Customer Development software” and Lean Startup Machine, an educational workshop for training startup founders and managers to start new businesses operated in more than 150 cities in the world. Methodologies created by Trevor are used by more than 200,000 startup founders and managers around the globe from organisations including Google, Salesforce, News Corp, Intuit, Microsoft, Huawei and many others.

Thanks to these experiences, in 2014 he wrote the bestseller “The Lean Enterprise” where he first defined how a company can innovate as a startup, but above all how it can innovate “by design, not by chance”. Now the book has become a bestseller in China, where Trevor lives and and has been working since 2016. In 2018 he also founded Lean Venture Partner in collaboration with China Accelerator.

Marco Bigornia

Master Trainer & Coach – Coordinator International Academy (courses in Spanish)

I graduated from the University of Perugia with a degree in Economics, and from the London School of Economics with a specialisation in “Financial Markets” at . I continued my education at an international level by acquiring complete competence in the field of coaching and NLP and obtaining the following certifications: Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation – NLP Business Trainer by the International NLP Trainers Association – Reiss Profile Master – Mentor Coach by the International Coach Federation.
I have a passion for foreign languages – I speak Italian, German, Spanish, English and French fluently: this allowed me to develop a career as an International trainer and coach in Europe and South America where I live and work for about half of the year.
I am also the Trainer and Director of the course “European Coaching & NLP Certification Program” – an ACTP program recognised by ICF and delivered in Italy and South America.

Laura de Sio

Master Trainer & Coach

A Degree in Political Sciences and a Master’s degree in Human Resources, I like to think I was born twice professionally. First as an “Organization Manager” following my post-degree Master’s in Human Resource Management. In a number of multinational companies I experienced first hand the importance of a corporate culture intended as a shared system of values, vision and mission to give meaning, direction and identity to its people: to those people who are the drivers and action-performers towards goals and results. This new awareness led to my second professional birth as a Professional Coach in the service of individuals and of their growth so that they can make a difference in their personal and professional lives. I love enhancing the strengths and unique features inherently present in each person, to support their inner and outer innovation. Why? Because I love life and the idea that each person can live it to the best of his/her abilities.