An International Academy: for a wide range of experiences, great opportunities for exchange, growth and inspiration.


Our coaching methodology that aids in tackling today’s challenges through Creativity and Innovation.


We utilize the most cutting edge video conference tools allowing for maximum compatibility between course attendance and personal commitments.

An international Coaching team on hand to support continuous innovation in yourself, your team and your organization.

Executive Coaching

Leveraging on every manager’s motivation in successfully pursuing innovation and growth, each route of Executive Coaching sets itself an ambitious goal in terms of skills, career or business and usually ends exclusively on completion of said goal.

It is a path that can also include the involvement of the entire work team.

If your company adheres to Fondir, in addition to lower bureaucratic formalities the course is financed 100% with no need of prepayment.


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LeanStartup Coaching

A Training & Coaching course to guide and positively support the start of a new business as well as accelerating the development of new ideas in your company  within an “Entrepreneurship Program”.

The courses are conferred by an international Lean Startup Coach team coordinated by Trevor Owens, founder of Lean Startup Machine and Lean Enterprise Machine. 

If your company adheres to Fondir, in addition to lower bureaucratic formalities the course is financed 100% with no need of prepayment.


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Mentoring ICF

A 10-hour Coaching course supervised by an official ICF Mentor to complete accreditation in ICF International.The course path can be undertaken individually or in group, both in person or in video-conference.







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Our videoconference training program is available in three different levels


This first level enables you to acquire and experiment with the 11 ICF Core Coaching Competencies and introduces you to our “Inside Out Coaching” methodology.

It is a 85- hour approved course offering coaching accreditation at the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level.

Recommended for those who are new to coaching and for managers and professionals interested in integrating their competencies with Coaching Skills.



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Recommended for those who want to reach a professional level of training.

Participation in the “Professional” course leads to a higher level of preparation and competence which allows for increased efficiency and confidence with one’s clients.

The “Professional” course is a training program that offers the opportunity to acquire the main theories and tools for the person’s development and to experiment with them in a coach-coachee relationship.


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The Advanced courses are dedicated to Professional Coaches who have been trained at our Academy or at an equivalent school, who wish to specialise and operate in one or more professional fields with profiles of excellence.




Creativity & Innovation Master

Executive&Corporate Coaching

Business&Startup Coaching

Our Classroom Courses

European Coaching & NLP program

A 170-hour course delivered in Italy at Milan, Rome and Catania with double international certification:

Top level certification of ICF (Accredited Coach Training Program)
– Diploma Certification in Neurolinguistic Programming at INLPTA, comparable to a Practitioner of other NLP associations (30% of the entire course).

The course is presented in Italy by Yucan Coaching Academy in collaboration with “Allenati per l’Eccelenza“.

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Expat Coaching Program

A Coaching Academy dedicated to the world of Expats with courses delivered exclusively in English.

Coordinated by Beatrice Carafa, the academy provides a complete set of Coaching Services and Life Skills Programs and are tailored to the specific personal and professional needs of Expats and Internationals worldwide.

Expat Coaching Academy organizes Coaching Sessions and Life Skills Programs on and offline and ICF accredited Coach Training courses in both Rome and Geneva.

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Are you an Executive registered with FONDIR?

Our Coaching courses are listed on the Fondir board and are 100% funded! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity !!!

Our Courses

Yucan is an International Coaching Academy specialised in Professional Corporate, Business and Startup Coach training via videoconference.

The training courses are held in English, Spanish and Italian and are based on our Inside-Out methodology.

The three levels – Diploma, Professional and Advanced offer a highly effective, applicable, adaptable and complete training program.

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Lean Enterprise Machine

We are official partners of Lean Enterprise Machine, the world’s largest network of experts in Open Innovation and Lean Startup Machine methodology.

Thanks to this partnership, our Lean Startup Coaching courses are held by Coaches with an outstanding international experience.



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Our Classrooms

Our courses are delivered in Video Conference, it’s an interactive classroom where everyone can see and interact each other. It’s a method of training at low intensity and high frequency.





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