Yucan Online Coaching Academy

Yucan is an International Coaching Academy specialized in Professional Corporate, Business and Startup Coach training via videoconference
The training courses are held in English, Spanish and Italian and are based on our Inside-Out methodology. The three levels – Diploma, Professional and Advanced offer a highly effective, applicable, adaptable and complete training program.

Founded in 2013, with eight editions already successfully implemented, our Academy is constantly evolving to keep pace with the times.

Trainer Coach

Mauro Beretta

CEO & Founder Yucan Coaching Academy – Master Trainer & Coach – Business Angel

Born in Milan in 1965, I graduated from the University of Pavia in 1990 with a degree in Economics and decided to enhance my academic studies with a PhD in Economic Sociology. In 1996 I was offered the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge in Change-Management and Strategy Design projects first in Deloitte and then in KPMG as Senior Manager. In 2005 I was appointed Vice-President of the “Customer & Employee Relationship Management” in Alitalia. Thanks to my aforementioned work experience, in 2012 I founded Yucan Coaching Academy, a Center dedicated to the development of Innovation and Creativity in every human sphere. I am an ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Coach and work primarily with entrepreneurs, startups and companies in supporting them toward the achievement of their goals.

Laura de Sio

Managing Partner – Master Trainer & Coach

A Degree in Political Sciences and a Master’s degree in Human Resources, I like to think I was born twice professionally. First as an “Organization Manager” following my post-degree Master’s in Human Resource Management. In a number of multinational companies I experienced first hand the importance of a corporate culture intended as a shared system of values, vision and mission to give meaning, direction and identity to its people: to those people who are the drivers and action-performers towards goals and results. This new awareness led to my second professional birth as a Professional Coach in the service of individuals and of their growth so that they can make a difference in their personal and professional lives. I love enhancing the strengths and unique features inherently present in each person, to support their inner and outer innovation. Why? Because I love life and the idea that each person can live it to the best of his/her abilities.

Marco Bigornia

Master Trainer & Coach – Coordinator International Academy (courses in Spanish)

I graduated from the University of Perugia with a degree in Economics, and from the London School of Economics with a specialization in “Financial Markets” at . I continued my education at an international level by acquiring complete competence in the field of coaching and NLP and obtaining the following certifications: Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation – NLP Business Trainer by the International NLP Trainers Association – Reiss Profile Master – Mentor Coach by the International Coach Federation.
I have a passion for foreign languages – I speak Italian, German, Spanish, English and French fluently: this allowed me to develop a career as an International trainer and coach in Europe and South America where I live and work for about half of the year.
I am also the Trainer and Director of the course “European Coaching & NLP Certification Program” – an ACTP program recognized by ICF and delivered in Italy and South America.

Lucilla Rizzini

Trainer & Coach

I am Lucilla, LLL, which is also the name of the organization I am Founder and CEO of: ellecubica.it. The three “L”s are not just a personal quirk inspired by my tax code- they are my belief and approach to life: Life Long Learning. My being a professional coach today integrates an intensive training journey with my years of experience as Export Manager and intercultural Business Consultant . It was a direct outcome to the constant search for a profession which would complete me, improve me and gratify me as a woman and as a professional. I still work with SMEs but with an innovative approach which I named “Export Coaching “, a methodology I developed for the internationalization of enterprises through the enhancement of unexpressed talents and the real value proposition of each individual company. I also organize training courses on Time Management and Personal branding through the use of coaching techniques. Coaching promotes self-coaching: when an individual sets out to reach a goal, he knows it can be reached. I consider myself to as “simply” a good facilitator in an evolution process which is inherent in human nature.

Beatrice Carafa

Master Trainer & Coach – Coordinator International Academy (courses in English)

International Professional Coach. I was born in Canada and lived in the US and UK before moving to Italy. After studying Foreign languages I began my coaching career by acquiring competencies as a Cognitive and Professional Coach and as an NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer. In learning that coaching could touch the lives of all people, from all backgrounds and in every area of their lives, I have found true purpose: the integration of my experience in teaching with my fervent desire to ignite the latent potential within each person I meet. As an Internations Consul (the largest global expat community) I have specialized my competence in coaching Expats by assisting them in focusing on and enhancing their International experience.

Massimiliano Vandi

Trainer & Coach

I am a professional coach and trainer in the areas of Life, Business, and Sports and have a profound knowledge of the dynamics of Human Relations and Personal development. I am an Effective communication expert and Trainer in techniques for Effective relationships. My wish was to integrate my training as a coach by acquiring certification as an NLP Master Practitioner and Systemic Counselor.
After graduating in International Marketing and Foreign Trade in 1996 I started working in Marketing and Communication for leading companies throughout Europe and North America in the field of welfare . My positions were of responsibility and Team coordination for sales and marketing. I strongly believe in continuing education as a tool for personal and professional growth: this is why I have set for myself the not-so-easy goal of soon obtaining a degree in Psychological Sciences.