Have you ever had to reach a company goal without knowing what to do in order to reach it?

Do you wish for fast action and rapid change for a growing business?

Are you searching for new roads, new methods, new strategies?

According to a study by Manchester Consulting Group on Fortune 100 Executives:

“coaching has provided a return on investment almost six times the cost of the program” as well as offering improved relationships, teamworking, professional and quality satisfaction”

Our Goal

Training In-company Coaches involves not only learning concepts and theories but also and especially the acquisition of new points of view, behaviors and habits.

  • Transfer our know-how in companies. Train professionals, managers and executives on the Coaching approach and Coaching skills.
  • Serve you with our expertise in Coaching, by offering both individual and group/team Coaching programs for the emergence of talents and character strengths in the workers within your company.
  • Work toward making your company completely autonomous. At its basis, Coaching focuses on avoiding any dependency between coach and client.
  • Create for our clients a social environment in which the participants can communicate, exchange questions and points of view- as a means to both continue focusing on the goal and to continue the learning process.


Identifying needs and Analysis of the organizational context for the definition of the program to create, share and deliver.
There are no pre-built solutions for everyone. Each company has peculiarities and strengths which need to emerge and brought to focus on its potential to create change and continued improvement.


Content is developed through creative innovation for the creation of new opportunities, solutions, and experimentation with results according to the law of small steps:

  • Creation of Training and Coaching programs.
  • A blend of theory training, practice exercizes, and Coaching sessions.
  • Use of models and methods to stimulate learning, with ongoing assessments and tests.
  • Use of training tools: simulations, demonstrations, real plays, games and exercises.

Delivery and Measurement

Project delivery:

– Client’s headquarters

– Our offices

– Videoconference. An effective high-frequency, low-intensity tool for ongoing training. Allows for session and simulation video-recording for an improved learning and self-feedback experience.

Assessment tools are personalized and are utilized to measure the learning levels in terms of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and acquisition of new behaviors and habits.