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Executive Coaching is now recognized as the most powerful method of personal development as a manager. Leveraging the manager’s motivation for growth, the method is based on a path of sessions led by an Executive Coach with a manager (Coachee). Each route of Executive Coaching sets itself a goal in terms of which managerial competence to develop or which business or career objective to achieve, and normally ends only upon completion. It is a strictly personal journey where the the manager’s peculiar potential to define and achieve a so-called “SMART” goal is leveraged on.

Adopted Methodology

The 1to1 courses will be managed on the basis of the coaching method as defined by the ICF both in methodological terms and in relation ethics. ICF defines coaching as a partnership with clients who, through a creative process, stimulates reflection, inspiring them to maximise their personal and professional potential. The coaching methodology adopted by ICF provides that the customer is first and foremost respected, both from a personal and professional point of view, as well as being considered able to effectively manage his own life and work environment. Every client is seen as a creative and resourceful person.

How it works

An initial analysis of the context in which the intervention is inserted, of the personal, career or business objectives and the degree of knowledge of the coaching methodology by the manager, will define the detailed planning of the route chosen, defining the mode and frequency of meetings. Moreover, in the initial phase, the need to share the objectives of the course with the company , the drafting of intermediate and final reports, their contents and possibly the use of specific support diagnostic tools will be agreed upon with the coachee.

Expected Results

Thanks to the activity carried out by the coach, managers are able to learn and elaborate techniques and action strategies that will allow them to improve both the performance and the quality of their lives. Coaching facilitates the experimentation of new perspectives and personal, professional and business opportunities, growth in thinking skills as well as decision making. It is also aimed at improving interpersonal efficiency and increase confidence in expressing the roles chosen in life and work.

Final Certifications

If agreed upon during the initial phase with the company and the manager, intermediate and final reports will be produced on the work carried out and the results achieved maintaining maximum respect on privacy agreed upon with the coachee.

Verification Methodology

The learning verification system is the one foreseen in the coaching courses as defined by ICF. The learning verification can only take place in a dynamic and continuous way by proposing to the coachee moments of elaboration and realisation of the change, phases of verification and resetting of the process that finds its natural passage in the proactivity and in the capacity of self-verification and self – learning of the coachee itself.

The end of the journey is a topical moment, in which the Coach proposes to his Coachee to go through the whole work done together and analyse the topical moments encouraging him to draw conclusions and learnings that can sustain and draw the process of “AUTOCOACHING”. Generally it is proposed to accept the challenge of creating a PSP (Personal Development Plan) to be pursued in self-management, following the coaching process that has now been largely acquired. In the last meeting there is also the measurement of results and achievement of objectives, with a 360 ° feedback process that involves: commitants (HR), direct leaders, the Coachee and the Coach.

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