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This first level enables you to acquire and experiment with the 11 core coaching competencies and introduces you to our “Inside-Out Coaching methodology”. It is an 85-hour course which meets the ICF training requirements for accreditation at the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level. It is recommended for those who are new to Professional Coaching and for managers and professionals interested in integrating their competeincies with Coaching skills.

The Program:

Establishing the basics: Understanding the ethics and standards of coaching and being able to implement them appropriately in all coaching situations.

This topic answers the question: Who is the Coach?

Establishing the coaching agreement: Setting up an agreement with a potential/new client. The terms for the coaching process and the relationship.

This topic answers the question: What is involved in the coaching process?

Co-creating the relationship: Establishing trust and rapport with the client which generates ongoing mutual respect and trust. Coaching presence with the client as our focus.
This topic answers the question: How does the Coach relate to the client?

Communicating effectively: Developing the proficient use of: active listening, powerful questions and communication skills. Acquiring tools to support the clients’ self-expression and goals.

This topic answers the question: How does the coach support the expression of the client’s creativity and character strengths?

Facilitating learning and results: Creating awareness to help the client reach desired results. Developing action plans which will effectively bring the desired coaching results.

This topic answers the question: How does the Coach develop the coachee’s continuous learning process?

Course structure

It is an 85- hour course which meets the ICF training requirements for accreditation at the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) level.

It includes:

  • 44 interactive video-conference hours through our collaborative Yuman + portal.
  • 5 final exam hours including personalized feedback for the professional level reached.
  • 20 self-training hours

The videoconference lessons are normally held on Wednesdays from 18:00 to 21:00. Two supervised practice sessions are held on Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:30.


The training approach is a balanced blend (50/50) between theory and practice sessions: the objective is to train Coaches who can make a difference.

Video Conference and Social environment

The course is delivered mainly through videoconference, a highly interactive classroom where all participants can comfortably interact from their homes or offices. Among the advantages:

  • The course is adaptable to one’s commitments
  • The weekly lessons allow for a constant learning process encouraged by the daily access to our social environment
  • The lessons are video-recorded and can be accessed for 1 year.This allows forparticipants who wish to watch the lessons again to gain value from watching their coaching sessions from a meta-position.

Course editions

The courses are offered twice a year in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish.
Our next editions are:

  • Italian: April 1st 2020
  • English: April 2nd 2020

The course lasts 5 months.


Course price is € 2.000 + VAT 22%


30% of the fee is to be paid upon registration. The balance must be paid before the starting date of the course. We are available to discuss installment programs upon request.


Discounts may also avail for “early-birds’’.

  • 20% for enrollments 2 months before course start date
  • 10% for enrollments 1 month before course start date

If when enrolling for the Diploma you also decide to sign up for the Professional and/or one of the Advanced modules there is a 10% discount on one of two.

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