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Creating and managing a team so that the value it produces is greater than the possible value produced by the sum of the individuals has always been a challenge for every organizational environment. In an ever more unpredictable, changing and competitive economic context, the theme of how to create a winning team becomes increasingly complex but also necessary to face.

A particular but current case is the creation of a team for the launch of a startup. In this context there are no restrictions or hierarchical/organizational dynamics which in some way could facilitate team building. Members of the team are all free to participate and what keeps them together is only a vision and a frail hope for future success.
This course offers the possibility to develop sensitivity and practice for becoming a Team Coach and to acquire the necessary skills needed to support the team on its journey of growth, to acquire new awareness toward the the identification and achievement of a common vision and the creation of a “Real Team”.

This course is dedicated to Professional Coaches who have been trained at our Academy or at an equivalent school, who wish to specialize and operate at the service of entrepreneurship with profiles of excellence.

Successfully participating in the Advanced course (after completion of the Diploma and Professional courses) will allow you to complete the 125 hours of training required for the ICF –PCC credential.

Course program

– The phases of Team creation: theories and tools

– Creating a common vision

– The competencies of a Team Coach

– Tools for the Team Coach

–  Practice sessions with real teams

Course structure

This is a 30-hour course and will be deliverd via videoconference.

It will include:

  • 15 interactive webinar Theory lessons through our Yuman+ portal
  • 15 “Coaching case” Practice sessions through simulations with Entrepreneurs and Startuppers.

Video Conference and Social environment

The course is delivered mainly through videoconference, a highly interactive classroom where all participants can comfortably interact from their homes. Among the advantages:

  • The course is adaptable to one’s commitments
  • The weekly lessons allow for a constant learning process encouraged by the daily access to our social environment
  • The lessons are video-recorded and can be accessed for 1 year. This allows for participants who wish to watch the lessons again to gain value from watching their coaching sessions from a meta-position.

Next editions

The courses are offered twice a year in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

Our next editions are:

  • February 2020 in Italian
  • February 2020 in English
  • February 2020 in Spanish

The exact course dates are being defined. If you are interested in the Course, please fill out the form and we will keep you informed about the detailed program and starting dates.


Course price is € 1.800 €

30% of the fee is to be paid upon registration. The balance must be paid before the starting date of the course. We are available to discuss Installment programs upon request.

Discounts may also avail for “early-birds’’.

  • 20% for enrollments 2 months before course start date
  • 10% for enrollments 1 month before course start date
  • Enrollment in both the Diploma and Professional courses allows for a 20% discount on this course and an extra !0% off the Professional.

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