Passionate to unleash human creativity
and to create and manage organizations that innovate successfully,
predictably and repeatedly not by chance, but by design.

Innovation Design

How to innovate by Design, Not by Chance

Executive & Team Coaching

Unleashing Leader’s Creativity

Coaching Academy

Training innovation Designers

1. Innovation Design

Our methodology ensures the achievement of innovative solutions that are:

  • Desirable by target customers;
  • Practicable by the company;
  • Feasible in terms of costs.

Solutions born from the integration of these three levers increase production and organizational efficiency as well as the company’s ability to innovate constantly.

Our methodology brings man and science to meet, producing social and economic innovation by stimulating creativity. For us, creativity is not a method for solving problems but it can be a real model of life and work characterized by a permanence of positive objectives with a view to continuous improvement.

We organize in Italy Innovation Workshops based on Lean Enterprise Machine Methodology. Find out more information about some previous editions clicking here.

2. Executive & Team Coaching

Our innovation coaches inspire, support, and coach your executives and teams to nurture innovation in the organization.

Coaching can be employed during the execution of projects or at the executive level to define strategies. When you hire an innovation coach, they will give hands-on support to challenge your existing thinking and enable further growth. The coaches will push through the status quo by bringing your team energy, creativity, and a startup mindset.

3. Coaching Academy

Whether as an internal Innovation Coach in the company, external trainer or consultant – a certified Innovation Coach knows about effective methods, overcoming innovation blockers and the necessary changes on the way to an innovative corporate culture. No matter whether it is about process or product innovations, efficient services or the generation of ideas.

Creativity techniques are important – but even more important is the change in the mindset of the organization. That’s why the training to become an Innovation Coach focuses not only on idea generation, but also on the transfer of know-how and principles for the development of innovation culture. The course is certified ICF at ACSTH level.

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